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Ben Folds Dot Org is a livejournal community for members of the website http://www.benfolds.org. That site is less about Ben Folds these days than it is about the community it has evolved into, and this LJ community gives .orgers another way of communicating.


1. Please post all large images under an LJ-cut.

2. Please do not use this community to trade copywrited material. If you are really a fan of Ben's, then you'll want to buy his stuff and support him. And if you don't want to buy his stuff and support him, find someplace else to leech off of those who have. Requests for copywrited material will be deleted.

3. Community advertisements/pimping will only be allowed if they are of interest to the community members. This includes other indie/piano rock communities, etc. This does not include communities such as rating communities.

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